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Army Tanks 3: 2011 (PC Game with 8 Languages)

Single-Player. Tank combat simulator with role-playing elements ! 
Portable(.EXE) Freeware Software Made with Passion for High Quality Computer Tank Games !
Free Full version game: (freeware/free software) 

Download :
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    Wallpapers:  1280x1024  Hi-res
    Quality sign from the maker Niklas Rabb
    "Creating Beauty And Treasury That Lasts With Highest Possible Effort"

    Screenshots: (more... see bottom of the page)
    Army Tanks 3: Control your own tank through open roads!
     Army Tanks 3: Visit many real world lands!
    Army Tanks 3: Day/Night time cycle. Including night vision             (Thermal imaging system: TIS)  
    Army Tanks 3: Collect money to repair your tank and buy upgrades
    Army Tanks 3: Communicate with many characters!  
    Army Tanks 3: Save urban areas to receive 9 medals  
     Army Tanks 3: Open world map.(Tank's main panel) 
    Army Tanks 3: Load and save your status at anytime  

    • Many weapons: Game specialized in tank combat

      Soldier 3 weapons:
      1. SMG (basic and advanced machine gun)
      2. Grenades
      3. Mines

      Tank 8 weapons:
      Against tanks:
      1. Turret(-s)
      2. Unguided missiles
      3. Homing missiles
      4. Auto turret / sentry cannon

      Against Infantry:
      1. Heavy machine gun HMG
      2. Chemical gas

      Plus Non-lethal weapons:
      1. Smoke screen
      2. Electromagnetic pulse EMP
    • Real continuous large world map with changing ecoregions through different geographical zones: trees and animals change depending on the location. 
    • Upgrade\Evolve your own tank 6 thrilling stages !
    • 9 meetable characters
    • Collect money and medals by saving urban areas
    • Use hospitals and shops
    • Day-and nighttime: night vision
    • Destructible environment: trees, buildings, cars
    • Real sounds
    • GPS
    • Urban areas and wildernesses. 2 different zone types!
    • Modern tank simulator RPG with today's weapons: seeking missiles, EMP, bioweapon
    • Easy, user friendly and attractive gameplay

      Publisher's description:

      The latest version of the game is tuned to its max as a tank
      game. Lots of new features such as saving system, mouse
      controlling, day\night time, in-game shops, large real world
      map, characters and a totally new gameplay will offer
      something new and refreshing to all tank fans.

      The alive evolving smart tank is now closer to the
      player than ever with the new role-playing style game. Explore the world with your very own tank. Rampage through enemy lines to earn money, save conquered cities and earn 9 medals to complete the game.

      Interacting mechanics and sounds liven up the game:
      feel the bursting missiles, falling trees and moving tanks. The
      world is based on real life: climate, trees and animals change
      in different geographical zones. Time is also constantly
      changing offering night and day transitions during game.
      Years of practise and knowledge in making tank
      games have given me possibility to make this game with my
      whole hearth. Thanks for playing and enjoy!!!

      Niklas Rabb


      Multilingual Battle Tank Action RPG:

      8 Languages: 

      English:       Army Tanks 3            Tank Action role-playing game
      Suomi:         Armeijan Tankit 3      Panssarivaunu toimintaroolipeli
      Deutch:       Armee Panzer 3         Panzer Action-Rollenspiel
      Polski:         Armia Czołg 3            Fabularna gra akcji
      Русский:     Армия Танк 3           Ролевой боевик
      中文:            陆军 坦克 3                動作角色扮演遊戲
      日本語:        陸軍 戦車 3                アクションロールプレイングゲーム
      Tiếng Việt:  Lục quân Xe tăng 3   Hành động game nhập vai 

      Visioning the first user friendly battle tank game since 1997
      The Original Army Tanks PC Game 

      Please Remember to Use "Donate" Paypal buttons to assure the development of the series. 
      Military Tank Simulator 2011. Action Adventure Battle Tank Game.

      More screenshots:

      Non-player characters(NPCs):

      Remixed Wallpapers 1997:

      Army Tanks:
      • Nonviolent and children friendly. No age limit
      • No extra bundle just the game
      • Portable. Installs nothing to the registry, etc...
      • Real world, no imaginary tales

        Homepage of the Army Tanks large world action rpg military battle tank fighter war simulator computer video game 2011

        Original Army Tanks © Copyright Niklas Rabb. 
        Service, knowledge, longevity and stability of the first original brand name. Army Tanks 1 [1997], Army Tanks 2 [2004], Army Tanks 3 [2011].

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